shortyd221: im not mad at you
shortyd221: and i dont want there to be a fight
shortyd221: all i was saying
shortyd221: was i didnt want it to be awkward anymore
keytomyheart116: okay
keytomyheart116: how do i prevent this
keytomyheart116: cause i know it's my fault
shortyd221: there is no fault
shortyd221: pleeaase
shortyd221: stop talking like that
shortyd221: this is no fault
shortyd221: its just
shortyd221: idk
shortyd221: i dont want to be your boy friend
shortyd221: i want to be your best friend
shortyd221: you know what i mean
shortyd221: the best relationships are between friends
shortyd221: haha that didnt come out right
shortyd221: im not saying i dont want to be with you
shortyd221: i want to be with you
shortyd221: my feelings for you havent changed
shortyd221: i just want to be better friends with you as well
shortyd221: you know what i mean
keytomyheart116: your saying you just want to be friends
shortyd221: NO
shortyd221: hah
shortyd221: you dont get it bud
shortyd221: i still like you hah there is nothing changed
shortyd221: nevermind hah
keytomyheart116: dude i'm so confused right now
keytomyheart116: hah
shortyd221: dont worry
keytomyheart116: i'm so confused!
shortyd221: dont worry
keytomyheart116: okay
keytomyheart116: mean you wanna be like friends with benefits?
keytomyheart116: danny?
shortyd221: no
shortyd221: i want to be with you
shortyd221: but you know how some couples
shortyd221: are like just couples
shortyd221: only talk
shortyd221: when they hang out
shortyd221: i want a girl
shortyd221: that is fun
shortyd221: friendly
shortyd221: like
shortyd221: not awkward
shortyd221: like someone i love to hang out with as a best friend and more
keytomyheart116: well i'd love to be that girl and i'll try to be..i get exactly what your saying
shortyd221: ;-)
keytomyheart116: and i'm sorry i know i'm not like the perfect girl..i can be shy at times but i'm tryingbecause i really like you a lot.. like more than you like me and i don't want to lose you
keytomyheart116: yooou still there
shortyd221: lol yea h/o
keytomyheart116: alrightt
keytomyheart116: luke or danny
shortyd221: danny

Auto response from keytomyheart116: logan i miss you

shortyd221: luke was only talking to logan
keytomyheart116: oh
keytomyheart116: cause i thought you left
shortyd221: i did lol i was playing rock band
keytomyheart116: hah oh
keytomyheart116: are you here now
keytomyheart116: guess not
keytomyheart116: alright well i'm still here, really confused and all ..but uh i'm getting tired and i still have to i guess i'll see you in school?
shortyd221: alright baby
shortyd221: im gonna watch lost
shortyd221: ill see you tomorrow
shortyd221 is away at 9:41:41 PM.
keytomyheart116: bye