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Groundworks 5th Annual Fall Festival 2017 Oct 7 & 8th 10am-4pm

Groundworks at Hrens is having their 5th Annual Fall Festival this weekend on Saturday, October 7th and Sunday, October 8th from 10am-4pm. You can't miss this! This event is fun for the entire family and kids of all ages! Come jump on the 17' Pumpkin Bounce House, get lost in the Kids Hay Bale Maze, enjoy fresh hot mini cinnamon donuts, and new for this yearMINI GOLF 9 hole Game for adults and children.  Your kids will have a ball pumpkin painting, playing games, getting prizes, train rides, and munching on snacks while the adults will have a variety of snacks available as well. 

Exclusively on Sunday the 8th, a Petting Zoo will be arriving for the day so don't miss your pony rides and petting numerous types of farm animals. What a perfect way to spend a fall day..strolling the beautiful landscapes at Groundworks in East Hampton. There will be homemade pizza, vegan chili, apple cider and homemade pumpkin bread!! DELICIOUS!!  Don’t miss the Groundworks Fall Festival in East Hampton--food and fun for the whole family! $20 admission at door; 10 and under FREE. 

Call us at 631-324-7373 for more information.

Hours: Saturday October 7th and 8th 10-4pm. Please pay at door. $20 admission at door; 10 and under FREE. 

We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend for our annual community gathering, pumpkin fun and treats! 

--The Groundworks Family                                                                                  EMAIL us with any questions

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