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"My property is more beautiful than I ever imagined" - Charlie J.

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Outdoor Gardens

At Groundworks, you will find our outdoor showrooms featuring various masonry materials like Crema Ada natural stone from Turkey, Bluestone from Pennsylvania quarries, and concrete products that look like natural stone and replicas of hardwood floors.

We also have numerous options and samples of colorful Adirondack chairs made from recycled milk cartons, simple and easy to use firepits, and all types of hammocks!

Outdoor kitchens, made by Danver, thar are weather proof and available to be customized to your needs; pergolas in various sizes and types;  and all kinds of pottery from barrels to wood,  ceramic, terra cotta to all weather-proof contemporary containers.

Along with our beautiful setting of sample outdoor “rooms”, you will also find a few landscaped gardens that show you how our plants fit into the landscape and are used for different applications:  deer-resistant garden, butterfly garden, shade tolerant and a colorful perennial garden. All the sample gardens will be surrounded by various evergreens that display how easy it is to screen out neighbors or pool equipment.

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