AT GROUNDWORKS - Plant Material

Groundworks Landscaping Long Island

“Trees and shrubs are the essentials of any beautiful landscape and we’re known for our quality and hand selected material by our staff!” - Austin B.


For our gardening enthusiast, we offer all types of plant material for every season: flowering trees (pear, cherry, magnolia), to evergreens (leylands, cryptomerias, thuja green giant) for screening to deer resistant shrubs (andromeda, grasses) perennials and annuals. We happily carry the ubiquitous shrub in the Hamptons, hydrangeas, and give you a selection of the most popular re blooming Endless Summer varieties that come in blue, white and pink colors. There are plenty of annuals to choose from and even a place to have your pots planted while you wait or you can schedule for delivery! Also, check out the Tropical, Terrarium and Orchid room which has a colorful mix and selection of house plants as well.

Our Garden Showroom

Finally, you’ll enjoy the new “garden showrooms” which will show you a variety of plants in their appropriate place based on popular needs of our clientele: deer proof gardens, colorful perennial, butterfly gardens and screening all around each of them with our beautifully selected evergreens-those that stay green all year long!